This chair.

The chair as friend.

Who is knocking at the door.

The hands are weaker.

The legs too.

There is two of each.


Habits to have.

Habits to hate.

An air of impatience.

I was put into a blanket and into some shoes.

I then wrote sentences.

I follow a script.

Decide which color.

Which size.

Which degree of softness.

An inappropriate remark.

I turn away.

Very inappropriate.

I would rather not have this happen.

Slowly bending the knee.

Until it gives in.

Little piece of chocolate.

The cause is the emotion.

The effect is more complex.

Emotionally dominant.

I can make it easier for you to feel yourself.

Now you dropped a jar.

You dropped the jar with tomatoes in oil.

You are destined to be clumsy.

You spilled everything.

Clumsy, clumsy you!


Books and cutlery.

Do not fill your mind with dirty things.

You will become those things.

Expose yourself to cruelty or banality.

Become cruel and banal.

The risk of being frivolous.

The window is open and one can see the sun dancing.

Hold my hair.

Soreness and misanthropy.


Walk towards me and hold my hair.

Hold my newspaper.


Let me be dull just for now.

Forgive me.

Eat this bun.

Do not speak to me in this flippant way.

Say things you really mean.

Hold my hair.


Sense of injustice.

This is my bed.

This is my bathroom

This is my sink.

Centuries of this.

Except for travel diaries.

Other things.

Tripping over rocks.

Somebody I thought I knew.

First in a boat.

Then in Budapest.

A dirty little room.

I caught her and this very tanned man.

Tattooed all over.

No sounds except theirs.

She was embarrassed.

She apologized to me.

My breath is too loud in my ears.

Had I known, I wouldn’t have gone.

The chair again.

My friend holds the soreness.

Have some berries and chew.

I do not desire these berries.

Yet the taste is not unwelcome.

Automaton and autonomy are similar sounding words.

Similar looking wounds.

Sounds of things falling on the floor.

The silence of the space.

Except for when you trip.

Make a trip.

Chunk-like thinking.

This is not grammatically incorrect, not unconventional.

Life as dramatically incorrect.

The best is to stay dry and light.

Longing depresses.