The tamer of horses was given a knife.

He is not sure about what it is for.

Self-defense. Attacking, killing, hurting.


Yes, suicide seems to be the healthiest option under all these very unattractive choices.

He might have had numourous dissonances to resolve.

He cannot hold the knife.

His hand nearly fell off the other day.

He thought about using the knife as a tool.

To cut off the arm of a friend and claim it for his own.

The horse tamer was given a knife.

He doesn’t really want to own it.

But he guesses if he was given it, it is expected of him to keep it.

He could leave it somewhere in a bush or in a sewer.

But if it were found, if his fingerprints were on it – it would be discovered that it belongs to him.

He is going to keep that knife.

Though it gives him a bad feeling to have it around.

It might slip from his pocket and slit someone’s throat.

He cannot hold it properly.

His hands are not used to the shape of its handle.

The knife causes yet another dissonance inside his head.

To be able to use this knife as a tool,

He might have to enter into some kind of evolutionary regress,

because as a monkey he could probably hold that thing with his feet.

Then he could probably cut the lettuce.

But here, desire enters the stage.

And he must say,

that he does not have the desire,

he cannot begin to even slightly feel

any inclination whatsoever to cut lettuce.