spilt milk

no use

milk spilt

everyone spills milk

no one does not


let him who is without spills

milk me

no use

crying over

it’s over


milk is spilt

all over

all over me


my milk


no use

spill me

spill over

spilt over me

spill is over


it’s gone

no use

I spill,no milk,no crying,no use.

Don’t use


use me but

don’t cry

no crying and

use me

cry don’t


don’t spill milk

jesus let him

who is without crying

spill me

throw a stone

hang me

no use hang

milk spills

spills me

let her who is without use


no use

cry over my milk

spill over

my self

useno crying

tears tears tears tears

tear time

no time for tears

no room for milk

spilling is useless


is what spills

my crying over milk ? uselessspill me over crying

overspilling crying me

still spilling

being it still

having been it

still it

is over

overuse me

the liquid gone


used up

the woman is all used up

you milked spilling all over

milk won’t come back

milk spilt never comes back

a word spoken is past recalling

no use crying

spills happen

happens happen milk spills

a spill is over

past recalling is not milk

used to be milk

no use using milk

over crying

call a woman a bad name and milk her

milk her

it needs milk to spill one

the thing about milk is that it can be spilt

a lover spills milk

no use


a word is past

recalling milk

no use

recalling a word


face spill

face your spilling

face milk when spilling

look look at me when I spill

look milk all over

no use

it’s over

no use over milk




no woman no milk

a woman spilt is pasti

t’s past

milk is over

all over me

a word spilt

is past spoken

past milked is no use

a woman milked is past re-calling

no use

a woman spilt is no use

no use crying no use

crying over spilt woman

no use in spilling the past all over

over milk

past called

spilt me

I recall

milk was spilt

no use recalling spilt milk

all over a woman is past

no crying

hang her

call her a bad name

a name worse than spilling a name worth spelling

a name dropped is past re-called

a name broken is milk spilt

no use crying over a broken name