I have told you

to mould you

I have told you a hundred times, a million times,

a trillion

a bazillion

I have told you

all I know

is that you

have been told

by me

you are the one

that I told

the only one

boldly I told

You – are my hand.

I told you to open the door

to carress the one who was close

to point at the one who was guilty

to straighten the linen, the line

and to finish the text

word! You say.

boldly you’re telling

what you have heard

doing what you’ve been told

a hundred times, a million times

a trillion,

a bazillion

they told me

you should do

I told them

they can’t tell my hand

to do

they told you

you did

as me telling

is equally good

as them yelling at you