I need space

We all need space

concerning space

two options present themselves to me

public and private

public and private

usually these two are separated

by a distinction

the function of this rule of separation is to maintain a relationship to yourself

to protect what is intimate

to exclude what is harmful to intimacy

public space shelters and incorporates the private spaces of all individuals

so that being intimate beings in intimate space

outside of it

individuals can enter a field of diplomacy

in which territorial negotiations take place

negotiations in public often concern intimacy

or the impossibility of it

when intimate space is threatened by public space,

this private, exclusive relation,


we need to re-enforce the boundary,

we need to play by the rule

we need to re-draw the line

when intimate space is threatened by public space,

sometimes we need to re-negotiate the rule

and introduce to the public that threatens our intimacy

the thing that threatens to eradicate the possibility for us to feel safe in public space

public space must also be protected from intimacy

because if everybody shared one single intimate space

diplomacy would fall short

and public discourse would become chatter

conflict could not be negotiated

never must we abandon the distinction

for we have the right to intimacy

and the possibility for diplomacy

only for so long as we have a space that grants it to us

look, my cigarette is burning an egg shell

innocence is a word i cannot spell

innoscence is a word reserved for con-men

experience teaches,

not even infants are innocent

language diables innocence in the world

as eggshells are meant to be broken

diplomacy means to refrain from saying what one really believes to be true

in order to protect and negotiate territory

intimacy is to say what one really believes to be true

regardless of all other spaces outside this particular intimacy

intimacy is not diplomacy

you are intimate with friends

diplomatic with strangers

you negotiate intimacy with both of them


is when intimacy is abused for political ends

gossip seeks to eradicate the boundary between public and private

the subject that gossips is wrong, is vulgar, is a liars


gossip wants to make up for a lack of intimacy in a subject’s life

gossip makes use of intimate language

when diplomacy would be required

gossip serves territorial fantasies

while abusing intimate language to achieve them

public ends through private means

gossip i s also

vulgar entertainment

a game to pass time with

an exercise in scheming

gossip and innocense are for con-men

gossip is not diplomacy

diplomacy seeks to negotiate

gossip seeks to influence, manipulate, control

if the distinction between private and public is lost

i do not want to live in relation to others

for nobody is to be trusted

and my need for intimacy is disregarded

i feel strange to say that i have a personal need for diplomacy

poetry re-negotiates the boundary between private and public

poetry does not want to abandon the rule of separation

it points to a perceived misplacement of the line between private and public

it seeks to draw the line elsewhere

gently uncompromising

carefully hurtful

it steps on a distinction

poetry is not diplomacy

for if poetry was to only ever shelter and never address what is intimate

it would not touch the listener

poetry is not intimacy

for if poetry was to only address private spaces

it would not be of interest for a public

poetry is not gossip

for if poetry was to vulgarize intimate experience for political ends

it could not be trusted

poetry balances on the line between diplomacy, gossip, and intimacy

think of an egg

on top of a wall

in which way can you trust the egg

when it says

i can use language however i please

poetry can balance

like no other form of speaking can

a friend is a private matter

a stranger is a public matter

if a friend betrays intimacy

they need to be called stranger

so that intimacy is protected again

public space must negotioate the possibility for intimacy without violating it

the smell of burning egg shell

is a threat to me these days

I want to fuck you

but you only love men

this is a private matter

i leave my trace in poetry

but a trace is but a trace is but a

do you understand?


be careful


be careful


be careful


back off

with your cigarette

the author

like an egg shell

is a fragile thing