Be careful not to understand more than what I am providing.

What is the world asking of me?

What does it want?

Has it abandoned me?

Is it revolving around me?

My love read to me a sentence:

Thoughts are but texts to condemn us.

Is the world plotting against me?

Desires are not needs.

There is a difference and the difference is:

Needs are neglected, desires are used.

I know what I am doing to myself.

I am Neglecting myself for you.

You are welcome.

My body is fine.

I am afraid somebody is watching me.

Many and many a year ago

there was many and many a thing to do

many a thing to forget to do.

I consumed too many toxins over the last months.

Once consumed, the amount of toxins in your body always remains the same.

It never changes.

The toxins don’t disappear.

You merely replace one with another.

Restraint is the only way to stay clean.

Therefore the most repressed people are the healthiest.

Repressed with a glass of milk.

A new systematics.

You are naturally totally unfit.

But culturally tough.

Hello this is me and this is all my stuff.

Hello this is me and these are my muscles.

Hello this is me and this is my narrative.

I am totally unfit to be part of this operation.

I have an insatiable psychic longing.

For critique.

Dichter, Denker

Richter, Henker

I don’t think you should force people to be naked.

If you are melancholic it is because something was stolen from you.

There is this event that I never asked to be part of.

Now it is consuming all my time.

You become part of it because it is rewarding.

It rewards things nobody would ever have considered worth rewarding.

Like following a law.

Laws are nonsense, everybody thinks that.

Shut up.

You are being unreasonable.

Eat the or d’heuvre that you are offered.

Olives give me a rash.

Eat your olives and you will get your belly button pierced.

I have painted an oak tree.

It symbolizes my lust.

I made a movie about a brothel.

It symbolizes the symbolic order.

I have written a poem.

It refers to my struggle for recognition.

You have made a play about your problems.

It means that there are problems that belong to you alone.

Shut up, this is bourgeois.

You have made a film about filmmaking.

It symbolizes the narcissism of the medium.

You have painted me.

This symbolizes nothing but you just can’t help yourself.

Be careful not to understand more than what I am providing.