Bread is the body of the word

bread is gluten

butter is the cloth of the body which is bread

bread is dressed in butter

butter is lactose

gluten and lactose on top of each other

the word has become bread

it is somebody else’s word

body eats bread

which is the word

body becomes word

lactose is watching

the foreign word is gluten

when body eats bread

body loses its own word

foreign word hits body’s intestine wall

and body becomes bread

lactose becomes tears

butter runs down body’s face

words run down body’s face

bread’s words liquified

dressed in milk dress

body is bread, body wears butter

body is immune against itself

which is the foreign word


word must be digested

body in the attempt to digest itself

body shrinks itself

body becomes bloated

body perpetually dies into life

bread speaks, butter is silent

gluten forbids, lactose enables

lactose legitimizes

lactose opens the doors to heaven

body can’t enter

body has stomach pain

bread feels sorry

gluten hates itself

bread wants to be independent of gluten

gluten is precondition for acceptable bread

lactose is dumb

body continues to shrivle

gluten is the perpetrator

lactose is the perpetrator

body is the victim

word is the perpetrator

word is lost word is found

bread and butter

gluten and lactose

word and flesh

reason and aim

attempt and outcome

body and dress