I am also a freelance translator.

I enjoy translating texts of all genres - preferably non-fiction, critical reviews, essays, poetry - from English to German, and sometimes German to English as well.

Currently I am working towards earning a state accreditation in order to make it a more steady source of income for myself in the future.

My work is prompt, thorough, precise, and affordable -

if you have a text that needs translation from ENG-GER or from GER-ENG, please contact me and we will negotiate a fair deal.

Jonathan Penca

“Luzie Meyer did exceptional work writing the text for my solo-show ?sympathy for the 6-legged? at the Munich gallery Deborah Schamoni 2018. She showed great care, listened carefully to my thoughts and was able to deliver in the most skillful way. I can not imagine anyone else would have been able to achieve the same sort of quality of delicate phrasing – both in german as well as english – that I was hoping for. Luzie Meyer managed to greatly exceed those expectations and I am grateful for the way her text was able to guide the visitors through the show, furthermore becoming a true companion to my works.”

Hanne Lippard

“I have had the pleasure of making use of Luzie’s translation skills on several occasions, mostly related to translations from English to German. Her translations are always very precise and true to the original text, and it also helps that she is a visual artist herself in order to fully understand my work. I have no hesitations in recommending Luzie to anyone in need of her expertise.”

Studio for Propositional Cinema

“Good translations of literature and poetry don’t just replace one word from another, they must feel the original work and convey that feeling in a new form. Luzie Meyer own impressive work as a writer makes her highly attuned to the nuances of language, uniquely positioning her as a formidable translator of difficult and demanding texts. Our full confidence in her skills have ensured our continued reliance on her for translating our work.”

John Matthew Heard

“Luzie has translated several texts for me from English into German: artist statments, business documents, poetry, and every time she has been prompt and precise. I trust her with my every word.”

Mark v Schlegell

“As Mr von Schlegell has largely given up writing in the absence of an adequate renumeration of his labour, he told me to recommend myself to you in his name. Mark was my writing teacher in art school, and since I graduated we have collaborated on a number of joint projects connected to writing– translations, theatre produtions, exhibitions, book fairs. I believe he trusts my abilities and would recommend me as a literary translator.”


Luzie Meyer (a statement commissioned by Mark von Schlegell, former author and creator of the qching)

Dan Kwon, Translator of Crow’s Eye View

“As an admirer of her particular sensitivity to language AND voice – a crucial quality in a translator, of course – that is evident in her artistic work, I asked Luzie to translate a piece of mine from English to German. I was thrilled when she replied “yes”, and am extremely grateful for the work she delivered.”


Cambridge Certificate
C2 English Proficiency (2020)

Previous Customers

MMK Frankfurt
Münster Sculpture Projects/Spector Books
Mountains Gallery
Fridericeanum Kassel
Studio for Propositional Cinema
PACT Zollverein/Fanti Baum
Deborah Schamoni
Christopher Williams
Anna Dobrucki
Mark von Schlegell
Hanne Lippard
Jonathan Penca