OHM 2020


©Jack Hogan

ACTING PRESS presents “CLUB DIGITAL” at OHM, berlin on SATURDAY, 08 FEB in conjunction with the launch of MITCH SPEED’S new book “FIORUCCI MADE ME HARDCORE” from AFTERALL BOOKS london’s ONE WORK SERIES.

doors at 20:00 – entry 5€ BEFORE midnight and 9€ AFTER. 24:00 ONWARD will be the release party of INTe*ra: Aqueduct, a new record from ACTING PRESS – with SVN, DYNAMO DREESEN, PG [sued, acido, LIVE], HASHMAN DEEJAY [future times, ca], PLO MAN [acting press, de], C3D-E [acting press, de]. BEFORE midnight will be the book launch, with a screening of FIORUCCI MADE ME HARDCORE, a film by MARK LECKEY, a talk between MITCH SPEED and KIRSTY BELL, and performances by TRJJ [stroom, de], ENGINES OF ENTROPY [inger wold lund, maru mushtrieva, aseptic stir, de], SHREWS ETC. [madrid, es], BITSY KNOX [berlin, de], LUZIE MEYER [berin.de].