Performance @ Éclair, finissage of "The Flute/St.Lucy", Berlin 17th March 2018

Photo: Hanna-Maria Hammari

Performance at Weiss Falk, Basel CH on the occasion of 'Laura Langer - More' 9th December 2017

Photo: Oskar Weiss

Performance SLANT SIGN at Kestner Gesellschaft, for Studio for Propositional Cinema's 'in relation to a Spectator:', 7th Dec., 2017

Photos: China Hopson

Stills from "Ann Ripple, or, Somebody who might not be me", 2017

Video piece with a live voiceover narration

"Morality Plays" with Pure Fiction @Swimming Pool, Sofia, October 2017

Stills from Santa Lucia (too look upon me with lust), video premiere @ Le Bourgeois, London, 13th October 2017

(c) Luzie Meyer

Singing for "Der Tempest" by Pure Fiction, 7th July 2017, Kunsthalle Darmstadt

Photo by Viviana Abelson

Rehearsing Songs for "Der Tempest" by Pure Fiction @ Kunsthalle Darmstadt, 2017

Photo by Viviana Abelson

Reading @ x Tag, Simultanhalle Cologne, 8th July 2017

Photo: Copyright Simultanhalle e.V.

Reading @ International Art Bookfair Frankfurt, Städelschule, 2017

Photo by Arjan Stockhausen

Reading at Broken Dimanche Press, 18th Feb 2017

@ Launch of WOUO (MARIA †. editions) edited by John Ryaner

Photo by Ana Andra


@ Portikus Frankfurt, 4th February 2017

Video Stills of "Unerringly She pinned it down. She does not like to put it there.", 2017

Lending my voice to Studio for Propositional Cinema @ Roberta, Frankfurt, March 2017

Video Stills of "The Balcony", 2016

Reading at Offenbach Lokschuppen, 2014

Photo: Olga Pedan