Reading: Echoraum Episode IV & V, Ludwigshafen

Photo: Julia Katharina Thiemann

Reading @ Ashley Berlin, with Pure Fyction, 5th May 2018

Photo: Ian Waelder

Playing Music for "Miss St.'s Hieroglyphic Suffering" @ KW Institute for Contemporary Art, with Rosa Aiello, Elif Saydam,

Anna Zacharoff, Marq v. Schlegell, based on Ariana Reines's adaptation of Avital Ronell's Telephone Book in the framework of Judith Hopf's solo exhibition

Photo: Sabrina Herrmann

Performance/ Open Video Shoot "The Flute" @Kölnischer Kunstverein, 28th March 2018

with Emma LaMorte, Theresa Patzschke, Lisa Gutscher

Photos: Juliane Duft

Performance @ Éclair, finissage of "The Flute/St.Lucy", Berlin 17th March 2018

Photo: Hanna-Maria Hammari

Performance at Weiss Falk, Basel CH on the occasion of 'Laura Langer - More' 9th December 2017

Photo: Oskar Weiss

Performance SLANT SIGN at Kestner Gesellschaft, for Studio for Propositional Cinema's 'in relation to a Spectator:', 7th Dec., 2017

Photos: China Hopson

Stills from "Ann Ripple, or, Somebody who might not be me", 2017

Video piece with a live voiceover narration

"Morality Plays" with Pure Fiction @Swimming Pool, Sofia, October 2017

Stills from Santa Lucia (too look upon me with lust), video premiere @ Le Bourgeois, London, 13th October 2017

(c) Luzie Meyer

Singing for "Der Tempest" by Pure Fiction, 7th July 2017, Kunsthalle Darmstadt

Photo by Viviana Abelson

Rehearsing Songs for "Der Tempest" by Pure Fiction @ Kunsthalle Darmstadt, 2017

Photo by Viviana Abelson

Reading @ x Tag, Simultanhalle Cologne, 8th July 2017

Photo: Copyright Simultanhalle e.V.

Reading @ International Art Bookfair Frankfurt, Städelschule, 2017

Photo by Arjan Stockhausen

Reading at Broken Dimanche Press, 18th Feb 2017

@ Launch of WOUO (MARIA †. editions) edited by John Ryaner

Photo by Ana Andra


@ Portikus Frankfurt, 4th February 2017

Video Stills of "Unerringly She pinned it down. She does not like to put it there.", 2017

Lending my voice to Studio for Propositional Cinema @ Roberta, Frankfurt, March 2017

Video Stills of "The Balcony", 2016

Reading at Offenbach Lokschuppen, 2014

Photo: Olga Pedan