Luzie Meyer & Friedemann Heckel @ Sweetwater Berlin,
offsite 6150 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, California February 8, 2019 – February 23, 2019

Performance for "How to Show Up?" @ Sans Serriffe, Amsterdam 23rd February 2019


"Die Betrügerin, die Menschenfeindin, die eingebildet Kranke" a performance by Luzie Meyer. Doors at 20:00, performance begins at 20:30
In several letters to the Prince, as well as in his preface to the 1669 edition of "Tartuffe, or The Impostor", Molière declared theatre to be
"nothing more or less than a form of poetry, which ingeniously seeks to reprove men's errors". In so writing, Molière produces both a defense of the play -- which had been censored multiple times --
and a programmatic declaration containing a vindication of theatre's capability to "heal" the social body. Later on, Molière concedes that
"there is nothing so innocent but men can defile it", and (maybe unwittingly) draws a parallel between his art and the notion of pharmakon,
stating that "the art of healing has not seldom become the art of the poisoner".
For a new performance with How To Show Up?, Luzie Meyer produces a moment of self-interrogation, juxtaposing her own poetry with various appropriated excerpts from Molière's "Tartuffe, or The Impostor",
as well as two of his similarly well-known works: "The Imaginary Invalid" and the "Misanthrope".
Meyer's performance will draw on themes in her own poetry like hypocrisy, misanthropy and hypochondria to compose a dialogue with Molière and his characters.


Luzie Meyer

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Poem: Too Often (A short excerpt of a dubbed Performance), 2019
3:20 min

The Trout, 2018

Trailer: "St. Lucy [To Look Upon Men with Lust], 2017
1:35 min

Trailer: "The Balcony", 2016

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poetry & sound

POEM: Too Often, 2018

POEM: Bread & Butter, 2015

POEM: The chair as friend, a taste not unwelcome, 2016

POEM: I can use eggs however I please, 2018

POEM: Gesture, 2016

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Installation view of exhibition with Sweetwater Berlin, offsite 6150 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, California February 8, 2019 – February 23, 2019


Installation view of exhibition with Sweetwater Berlin, offsite 6150 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, California February 8, 2019 – February 23, 2019

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Installation View of "Sentimental Education", curated by Roy Huschenbeth, Galerie Conradi Hamburg, Nov. 2018

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Glasgow Glasgow1

Performance for LUX Artist Moving Image Festival @ Tramway Glasgow, 28th October 2018
Performance filmed by Mark Briggs

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brauni brauni1 brauni2 brauni3

Installation of "The Flute" (trailer, script, documentation video, notes, drawings, spacial maps) @ guest room Kunstverein Braunschweig
Photos: Stefan Stark

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Reading in old Franciscan Church Berlin Reading in old Franciscan Church Berlin
Reading in old Franciscan Church Berlin Reading in old Franciscan Church Berlin

Reading at the old franciscan monestary church, Berlin Klosterstrasse. Part of "the dead are losing or how to ruin an exhibition", 4th August 2018
Photo Credit: Xiao Zhiyu

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Performance Poster for "call her milk spill her no use crying hang her"

Reading in Ludwigshafen

Performance curated bei Julia Katharina Thiemann, Echoraum IV + V, Ludwigshafen, 14th June 2017

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Reading (with Pure Fiction) at Ashley Berlin

Reading @ Ashley Berlin, with Pure Fyction, 5th May 2018
Photo: Ian Waelder

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Miss St. Miss St.

Poster for the Event (right image)

Playing Music for "Miss St.'s Hieroglyphic Suffering" @ KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin 14th/15th April 2018
with Rosa Aiello, Elif Saydam, Anna Zacharoff, Marq v. Schlegell
based on Ariana Reines's adaptation of Avital Ronell's Telephone Book & on the occasion of Judith Hopf's exhibition "Stepping Stairs"
Photo: Sabrina Herrmann

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the flute

Poster for "The Flute" (rest cursor on image for more information)


Performance/Video Shoot "The Flute" @Kölnischer Kunstverein, 28th March 2018
with Emma LaMorte, Theresa Patzschke, Lisa Gutscher
Video Stills: Luzie Meyer, Photos: Moritz Wesseler

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EclairClick here to download Press Release!

Exhibition Poster

Reading Eclair

Performance @ Éclair, finissage of "The Flute/St.Lucy", Berlin 17th March 2018
Photo: Hanna-Maria Hammari

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Reading in Basel Basel

Performance at Weiss Falk, Basel CH on the occasion of 'Laura Langer - More' 9th December 2017
Photo: Oskar Weiss, Poster: Laura Langer

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Morality Plays Swimming Pool

"Morality Plays" with Pure Fiction @ Swimming Pool, Sofia October 2017, Poster: Jack Brennan

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Lucy Title

Title image of 'St.Lucy [To Look upon Men with Lust]', 2017 (rest cursor on image for more information)


Stills from St. Lucy [Too Look upon Men with Lust] video premiere @ Le Bourgeois, London, 13th October 2017
(c) Luzie Meyer

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Performance SLANT SIGN at Kestner Gesellschaft, for Studio for Propositional Cinema's 'in relation to a Spectator:', 7th Dec., 2017
Photos: China Hopson

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Reading Simultanhalle

Reading @ Performance Tag, Simultanhalle Cologne, 8th July 2017
Photo: Copyright Simultanhalle e.V.

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The Tempest

Singing for "Der Tempest" by Pure Fiction, 7th July 2017, Kunsthalle Darmstadt Photo by Viviana Abelson

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Lending my voice to Studio for Propositional Cinema @ Roberta, Frankfurt, March 2017

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Reading at Broken Dimanche Press, 18th Feb 2017
@ Launch of WOUO (MARIA †. editions) edited by John Ryaner
Photo by Ana Andra

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reading at flutgraben

Reading @ 3AM Event
Sept 2016 Flutgraben Berlin
Photo: Uri Turkenich

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bigger human mankind problem

@ Portikus Frankfurt, 4th February 2017

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Title image of 'The Balcony' (rest cursor on image for more information)

balcony1 balcony balcony3 balcony4 balcony2 balcony7

Stills from "The Balcony", 2016
with Reece York, Dan kwon, Salomo Andrén

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2010 - 2016

Meisterschueler Fine Arts, HfBK Staedelschule Frankfurt
Class of Judith Hopf

2011 - 2015

BA Philosophy @ Goethe-University Frankfurt
Supervisor: Christoph Menke

2009 - 2010

Academy Year Program, ECLA
(now Bard College Berlin)

Selected Exhibitions, Screenings, Performances


Cut-Up, Kölnischer Kunstverein, 19th December 2018
Sentimental Education, Galerie Conradi, Hamburg, curated by Roy Huschenbeth
LUX Artist Moving Image Festival @ Tramway Glasgow
The Flute [trailer and installation] @ guest room Kunstverein Braunschweig
The dead are losing or how to ruin an exhibition, @ ruin of old franciscan monestary church, Berlin
Presentation of Pure Fiction, Université d'Été @ the Kandinsky Library, Centre Pompidou, Paris
Episode IV & V Echoraum - Luzie Meyer, Nora Turato @ kulTURM Ludwigshafen
Reading with Pure Fiction @ Ashley Berlin 5th May
Art Viewer Screen, Publication release & screening, @ The Community, Paris
Miss Saint's Hieroglyphic Suffering, A performance with Elif Saydam, Rosa Aiello, Anna Zacharoff, Mark von Schlegell, based on the writing of Avital Ronell and Ariana Reines, @ KW Berlin
The Flute Performance and Filmshoot 28th March, @ Koelnischer Kunstverein
Reading for STARSHIP magazine release, @ MAVRA, Berlin
The Flute / St. Lucy, solo show and reading, @ Eclair, Berlin


Performance on the occasion of Laura Langer 'More' @ Weiss Falk Basel CH
In relation to a spectator:, by Studio for Propositional Cinema @ Kestner Gesellschaft Hannover
Denying the Inflammability...curated by Felix Riemann @ Le Bourgeois London
Morality Plays (with Pure Fiction) @ Swimming Pool Projects, Sofia, Bulgaria
Art Viewer SCREEN, curated by Ana Iwataki and Marion Vasseur Raluy
Der Tempest (with Pyre Fiction), @ Kunsthalle Darmstadt
Performance Tag, Simultanhalle Koeln
Open Frame Award, go.East Film Festival, Museum Wiesbaden
International Art Bookfair, Städelschule, Frankfurt
Words of Unknown Origin, Broken Dimanche Press Berlin
Unerringly she pinned it down. She does not like to put it there. NKV Wiesbaden
Chambers - A User s Manual, Chapter II, Metzler Villa, Frankfurt


AfterFacts, Pudding Explosion Rearticulated, by Curatorial Studies Staedelschule Frankfurt
Le Grand Balcon: Montreal Biennale of Contemporary Art, MAC Montreal
Startpoint Prize, National Gallery of Prague, Trade Fair Palace
Reading, 3am Festival @ Flutgraben Berlin
Croissant, Graduation Show Staedelschule @ MMK, Frankfurt
Chambers: A User s Manual, Chapter I, @ Metzler Villa, Frankfurt
The Printed Sea, @ Ausstellungshalle, Frankfurt, with Pure Fiction Class


Aperto, Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Como, Italy

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